AT WDH Autos we offer brake safety checks, brake cleaning and brake disc and pad replacement. Our brake checks are thorough and honest, we will not replace discs or pads if they are in good condition and have more life left in them; we would rather advise you either an approximate amount of time or miles the brakes have before you need to replace them.

We only fit trusted brands and suppliers of brake pads and discs. Please call us to discuss your requirements.


Clutches and cam belts only need replacing very rarely in a vehicle, it is very important however to ensure your cam belt is replaced at the mileage recommended by the manufacturer. Clutches differ as they can need replacing at different stages of a vehicles life; this very much depends on a driver’s style and whether it is urban/rural roads or motorways.

Some signs that your clutch may need attention or replacing can be occasional over revving or a peculiar and unpleasant smell coming from a hot clutch. If you have either of these symptoms it is important you get your vehicle checked over immediately. If your clutch does need replacement we only fit quality trusted brand clutches.